Gas prices and an additional Encore motor mount issue

Posted By on February 5, 2013

gaspricess130205In the last few weeks gasoline prices have risen 20 – 30 cents per gallon and the extra few dollars were felt when we were in Florida this past week. The small, and cheap feeling, Nissan Versa rental car was at least a little thrifty at the pump – 32 mpg, but it should have been better.

As for our sailboat problem, we unfortunately were still unable to launch Encore after finding a faulty engine mount when replacing the cutlass bearing (although I’m glad it was spotted) as the replacement didn’t arrive in time. Of course one problem lead to another, as after replacing the broken rear engine mount on Tuesday, The forward “dogbone” engine mount had a stud that had broken loose. It needs to be removed and welded. It looks like we’re just not suppose to be back in the water?

Those issues aside, it was great to have more time to spend with Brenda’s mom and dad. They are dealing with medical issues and appreciated having us around to help with a few things. Brenda was able to get PT set up for her mom as well as simple home care issues (laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc). We were glad to be with them.

Rear Volvo marine diesel engine mount


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