Time Warner Cable: long term mistakes for short term gains

Posted By on February 1, 2014

The Wall Street Journal reported that customers are fleeing Time Warner Cable to the tune of 825,000 twc140131TV users in 2013. There is an increase in competition and a change in viewing habits as younger subscribers cut the cord choosing to watch over the air digital (free) TV or just Internet TV on-demand. What’s TWC’s answer? Increase the prices on existing customers.

Competition in the cable market is suppose to be good for the consumer … right? t seems TWC is going in a different direction. In fact, my combined cable, Internet and VOIP phone bill has increased even as competition is inching into our market (nothing comparable at my house just yet). Here’s hoping for “choice” or convincing my wife we need to cut the cord next year.

According to Bloomberg, the “average monthly bill climbed 2.2 percent to $106.03 last quarter.” Your reward for your continued loyalty to TWC? A bigger bill.



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