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Posted By on June 16, 2014

Some time ago I purchase a couple Command Brand Bundlers with the idea that I could use them for cords and coils and then a few months ago sailinglinehookideaI saw a fellow sailor using them on a boat to organize lines. I’m not sure how well they will stand up to the sun and elements, but I might give them a try on the mast. The idea that the strap can be latched makes for a better way to keep a small coil out of the way and off the deck.


I’d like to use them for the reefing lines as well since the three color coded lines are currently tossed under the spray hood and dodger … not as organized as I would like (above).

A WordPress blogging update (reminder to self):
Trying a new line of code a try when updating older posts on this site that have images sized too small for the wider current theme. Hopefully once updated, the full width images will format and size appropriately no matter the eventual column width.

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