Using roller casters to increase the height of and old table

Posted By on July 17, 2014

antiquetablecaster140813When the rain came this past week, I turned to an indoor project that we’ve been tossing around: “How to aesthetically increase the height of an antique table?”

After toying with a couple ideas for increasing the height of my mother-in-laws old table that we now have in our kitchen, I opted for adding ball casters to the six legs. They were a little more attractive that the standard caster wheels found on a couple other items (chest of draws, parlor chairs) and lifted the table height about 1-3/4 inches. That was just enough to fit one’s legs more comfortably under the end of the table. The current cherry dining room chairs (high quality chairs) are not really appropriate for this table, but until Brenda finds something else, these will have to do. BTW, she loved the casters.


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