A naval architect and bagpipe accompanied ruckus music

Posted By on July 19, 2016

RobertPerryPipeMaybe the term isn’t ruckus, but HARD “rockish” music …  I’m not sure at the moment???

Anyway, one of my Facebook friends Robert Perry, and designer of our first boat Brenich a Baba 30, shared an AC/DC music video probably influenced by his years growing up in Australia? The clip from the Bon Scott years (mp3 below) was during a publicity performance in 1976 and had me smiling … and toe tapping. I was never a fan of “head-banging” music, but this certainly brought back high school and college memories. I remember the many versions of “It’s a Long Way To The Top” and am particularly fond of their use of bagpipes. It’s summer, so turn the volume up and let the music play!

  It’s A Long Way To The Top | AC/DC – 1976


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