Archiving some quadcopter video footage from Wayzata, MN

Posted By on October 26, 2016

The  advancements in unmanned aviation continue to impress me as a new generation of pilots is flying by remote control rather than “stick and rudder,” “yoke and peddle” … but all can still fly by the “seat of their pants.”  I’m still unsure what to call these computer controlled devices nowadays … quadcopters, quadrotors  (what if they have more than four props) or the much maligned drones???

Maybe just IFMsincredible flying machines!

My son-in-law Drew added a new mix of video footage from his “drone” taken in Wayzata, Minnesota, a suburb little southwest of Minneapolis. If watched full screen, the video even picks up the skyline of Minneapolis when filming to the east (and Lake Minnetonka to the south and west). The autumn colors make for spectacular views and of course I particularly enjoyed seeing some of our family … my nephew Justin and his two kids, along with my son Taylor (and some old guy trying to fly the 4-motored contraption about halfway through the video — aka: RichC).

Oh … I almost forgot, while Taylor was up in Minnesota visiting Katelyn and Drew a couple weekends ago (and to a wedding in North Dakota), his sister introduced him to someone special … I think I see a few sparks



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