Do we show enough appreciation for a well decorated home?

Posted By on December 24, 2017

My wife Brenda shows a lot of attention to decorating with memories and detail to our house each December (and my mother did too). I wish I would be more thankful, but am usually a bit Grinchy when ask to do just a few things ChristmasDecor2017_13that seem to much such a waste of time … you know, the put it up and taking down of décor for just for a couple weeks each year? This year I’ve been trying to be better, but I’m sure I have rolled my eyes once or twice after having to move the ladder again, replace another string of lights again or add another hook here and there … again

When we are buzzing around the house, I don’t necessarily take the time to notice the MANY little thoughtful touches and decorations she has collected that are carefully stored and placed just so to make our house beautiful and festive each Christmas. I do appreciate it.  I’m sure it is the same with my kids, especially as adults. They recognize the hundreds (seriously!) of memory items that come out to make our house a warm and inviting place to come home to for the holidays.

I wonder how many other husbands either ignore or fail to appreciate the touches their wives (and mothers) do/did this time of year? (below are just a few memory items archived in photos)


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