Explaining How Tax Cuts Will Affect You by Dave Ramsey

Posted By on January 28, 2018

Delivering commonsense “tough love” clarifications and explanations of financial issues has always been a Dave Ramsey strength. After the Trump administration finally moved their tax plan through congress, Dave offered a 10 minute explanation as to whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

If you are steeped in years of seeing things one way,  yet recognize many politicians and political group maintain their power by dividing people — blue collar verse white collar, labor verse management, black against white, rich against poor, Democrat against Republican, etc — then listen to this with an open mind. Economics in its simplest form isn’t that challenging as it all comes down to efficient use of money – but “government is always the least efficient.” Some believe more government control of your life will make life better for all, others prefer far less government involvement and money in their hands. Most of us who love America and believe in capitalism, recognize we need government and are just struggling to decide on how much appropriate and how much is too much.

Listening to the above video might help with this analysis — unless you are a naïve believer that socialism or communism could still work, in that case you need some serious help.


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