DEMs grow governorships & flip House, but GOP gains Senators

Posted By on November 7, 2018

The midterm election is finally over and those who are tired of pile of flyers in their mail, phone calls, email spam and still watching cable TV network stations are no doubt thankful that is the case.

As for the results, each political party can claim some degree of victory. The Democrats definitely gained ground from a deep hole by winning the majority of governorships and the majority in the bluewavenytimessmHouse. Republicans can claim it wasn’t the "blue wave" many pollsters had predicted and in fact gained larger majority in the Senate. All in all, both sides can pat themselves on the back … but the work now begins.

The DEMs can no longer obstruct and resist IF they want to keep their new majority in the House, as they now have to "stand for something." If they are going to prove themselves productive, they will have to work with President Trump on something (unless they take the low road and attempt to impeach him). The bickering Republican senators might still disagree with each other, but better get unified if they want to keep their seats. President Trump’s job either just got harder or perhaps easier since he might just make deals with congress in order to keep the country functioning. Let’s hope for the later.

One of the biggest changes in the last 14 years has been that both Democrats and Republicans have become more entrenched. The extremes of both parties is noticeably stronger and the moderates from each party are disappearing. If you pay attention to any news, get togethers or water cooler talk, you can feel the tension among co-workers, friends and family.



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