West System epoxy repair to one of our many porch columns

Posted By on March 30, 2019

PoolHouseColumnFix190322While working on the “bird away boxes” last weekend, the spring weather warmed improved enough at least for a day in order to start a fiberglass column repair (needed for curing). The wind blew enough a few weeks ago to toss items around enough that a crack and a chunk of plastic was broken out of the column.

This really wasn’t that big of a deal since we seriously need to updated the trim painting on both the house and detached poolhouse – garage. I used the material that I had, West System Epoxy and fiberglass matting, in order to patch and will add some putty soon.  Hopefully with a little sanding on the next nice day I’ll be ready for paint later this summer? Unfortunately these were never primed and the paint has peeled terribly. Now I have a lot of prep work to get things ready for paint. 


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