When all is well, life is good, even if it is not always as planned

Posted By on March 2, 2019

There are still exciting adventures ahead … but as someone who always has a plan, and  dreams ambitiously, I’m detecting my life plans are changing … again. MBTempTieRodDreams are good for the soul IMHO, so as long as ones asperations can be modified when life changes. A reality check needs to trigger flexibility in the “plan,” or to Jerry-rig when necessary (photo) and to know enough to zig or zag when life, health, age and desires change.

I’ve had the chance to recalibrate a few things this past year. For example, my original 1970s teenage plan of working hard enough early in life to buy a boat and “sail away to paradise” has been modified a few times over the years. First, by getting married and realizing being happy now required both of us to agree on things, necessitated some modifications to “the plan,” although blockfrombrenichBrenda has always been supportive of my sailing dream … just not the bohemian lifestyle component of subsistence cruising. The second curve in the road was having children and realizing the responsibility and value of having a family. They are the true test of determining just how selfish you are. Mixed in with the family component, are the smaller rewards that come encorewallpaperpalmprefrom the challenges and success in career; work can be rewarding. But with more than one in the family “with a career” means there also needs to be some “give and take” (mentioned once before).

When most of the above is put behind, there is that moment when “all was finally coming together.” Our kids were grown or almost (they were finishing up college).  We bought Encore and I kicked our early retirement plan and thoughts of cruising into full gear … meaning we would fix up the older boat, gain a bit more sailing experience and simplify our careers and ties to land-based living, but we really didn’t think a few things … like aging parents. Over the next few years we started thinking about making the change, the priority became one ill parent after another. First it was my mom, then Brenda’s dad … followed by my dad and then Brenda’s mother. Thankfully we were available and that the demands of each or the four were spread out over seven years … DrWyrickBrendaXray150929but none of it was calculated into our “planning.”

Along with aging parents, we had our own challenge in recognizing limitation. Brenda’s fall off a ladder had me rethinking the physical aptitude required to sailing and cruise independently for month on end. Our own health concerns became an issue … so modifying my plan and dream seemed to be logical. Instead of world cruising, we would just opt for the Bahamas and Caribbean destinations?

Then there was the birth of our first grandchild … and somehow the passion to go cruising also changed. Instead of late night “dreaming” and looking at charts or reading sailing magazines, books and websites, I wanted to plan trips to see Annalyn recognizing that she is growing up fast. Her giggles and cuteness melt my heart, and instead of planning the escape from our comfortable landlubber lifestyle, I was looking forward to working on projects for her in my workshop. Even tinkering with cars has taken a second and third seat to visiting, babysitting and making presents for her. Being a grandparent is the greatest!



So, the dream has changed (for now) but my thinking continues. Just as previous plans differed from my teenage dreams, we are influx again, but life is good.”


Next up is Annalyn’s 2-year old birthday, and it is right around the corner already. (and I can’t help archiving a cute message left on our Amazon Echo!)

  Annalyn and Katelyn with an Alexa message (mp3) | 2/28/2019


Just a little bit of work yet to go on Annalyn’s “Zoo Animals” birthday present.
(don’t look Katelyn and Drew)


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