Happy Mother’s Day to my wife … and as mom to our kids

Posted By on May 10, 2020

BrendaMothersDay2020It is an unusual Mother’s Day this year with the COVID19 "distancing" being practiced. While wishing my wife, and daughter of TWO, a Happy Mother’s Day, FazolisForMothersDaywe guys are still remembering them with a bit of a different twist. The kids sent Brenda flowers, cookies and bath items and I mad a pot of chili (below) … but after seeing a Fazoli’s ad, was asked if we could go get some carry-out (it is Mother’s Day so the answer is of course yes).

My mother is no longer with us, but has left and made a lasting impact on me. The older we get the more most of us realize how important their legacy is … and how important their example and parenting is in our lives. Brenda and I also mentioned, we are "somewhat" thankful not to have elderly mothers (and fathers) to worry about during thees Coronavirus times.
Sad smile

Since this is a somewhat personal, it is a good post to include a couple recent timeline granddaughter photos. I asked Annalyn on Saturday to see if she could borrow her mom or dad’s phone and send a photo of Elleries … since we did not see her on our Facetime call the other day. She of course enjoyed the opportunity to do it.


It’s also a good time to archive a cute Birthday card from last week.


Cooking chili bubbling … ani gif.



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