Opinion: We need an all of the above energy plan in the U.S.

Posted By on February 25, 2021

As an advocate of renewable energy, be it biofuels, hydro, solar, wind, etc for decades, I don’t understand why Americans can’t come together on a united “all inclusive” energy plan? I know a few anti-solar/wind energy types, but usually they are just pushing back against the extremist wanting to do away with all fossil fuels and nuclear. Like right WinterStormFeb2021and left politics, the loud voices seem to get all the attention.

One thing the Texas energy fiasco has taught us is that we need to be smart about preparing better for the crisis moment and extreme weather. We need a “baseline” of energy that will not fail under stress, be it what can be generated locally .. or in the case of the latest Texas situation, be connected to the national grid to protect their residents (not to mention losing so much of the wind/solar generated power).

As for the Green New Deal types out there and  “eliminating jobs with the stroke of a pen”  by President Biden or only wanting solar and wind renewable energy… let’s get real. We need domestic fossil fuel and should continue to improve efficiency and emissions. In America, we have come a long way in my lifetime, let’s not throw those gain away … AND before you assume batteries, solar panels and the like are overly clean and reliable, think in through. (short video below)


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