President Biden will regret the day he ignored conditions on the ground, instead exiting Afghanistan based on a political timeline

Posted By on August 22, 2021

As I commented on the utter failure in Afghanistan last week regarding the decision President Biden made in leaving Afghanistan, it is just another “ fail decision” in a short 8 months by this president and his administration (we can’t take much more). BidenOn210816The US exit was ill-conceived and poor planned. It was made ignoring what could happen (and did) and left us in disarray not that the Taliban has taken control. It leaves Americans and our allies stranded throughout the country. This failure to plan for “likely” if not for “all contingencies” dishonors those who have shed blood and worked to achieve their mission – that of protecting our homeland and our citizens (including those who served as intelligence operatives, translators or as support civilians).

It is all too clear that the Taliban, ISIS fighters and Al-Qaeda have become emboldened and stronger than they have been in 20 years … and that the free-world’s confidence and trust in the United States is at an all time low. Who can blame anyone for not trusting the United States? We will regret the day that this ill-conceived “timeline-oriented” pull-out woke_definition(likely was based on the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 political talking point) was President Biden’s reason to rush the exit of troops from Afghanistan … clearly ignoring sound voices warning of the potential or likelihood of this unfolding catastrophe; it seems to me that President Biden only relied on his own consistently poor judgement and “woke” advisors.


When I think of using the “regret the day” reference … I can’t help but see the BILLIONS of dollars of advance American weaponry that is now in the hand of the Taliban. President Biden will go to his grave knowing that HE is the one who made last week’s decision and that when our own weapons are used by our enemies to kill Americans, that blood will be on his hands.


I cannot imagine just how anxious every terrorist organization is to get their hands on our advanced weapons, either to use them against the west or sell them to the highest bidder (US taxpayer?) to finance their radical Islamic crusade … often called jihad. 


Afghanistan’s military has laid down its weapons, and the Taliban have wasted little time in collecting them, raising concerns about how easily troves of U.S.-made arms, military aircraft and armored vehicles have fallen into enemy hands and the new capabilities they bring.

Scores of videos have emerged of Taliban fighters rejoicing near abandoned American helicopters, carrying U.S.-supplied M24 sniper rifles and M18 assault weapons, stacking other small arms and materiel in unending piles and driving Humvees and other U.S.-made military trucks.

The Taliban have seized airplanes, tanks and artillery from Afghan outposts and from evacuating U.S. personnel, revealing one of the heavier costs of a U.S. troop withdrawal amid a collapse of Afghanistan’s government and army.

LINK to “Taliban Seize U.S. Weapons in Afghanistan, Stockpiling Helicopters, Guns and Trucks" – WSJ



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