Another albatross to hang around President Biden’s neck

Posted By on August 16, 2021


The situation in Afghanistan is not something most of the civilized world wants to see, but within a few days we’ve watched the Taliban rapidly seize control throughout the country ever since President Biden telegraphed accelerating what was left of our military from our bases. Very few politicians have questioned the desire over the past decade in wanting to bring US troops home … especially after 20 years, 2000 dead American soldiers and a TRILLION dollars in an attempt to build up an Afghan security force and government.

As has happened before, whenever the US tries “nation-building,” it often fails. This time it seems our initial objective was met (hunt down Al-Qaeda and prevent terrorists from training and then attacking the western world and our country) but “helping to create a functioning government so it will not happen again” has failed … and failed miserably. Beside trying to leave with a weak government and security force in place, the Biden administration made the huge blunder in trying to do it during the TalibanFighersTaliban’s “fighting season” rather than wait for winter when fighters return to Pakistan or the mountains (I assume Biden wanted us out before the 20th anniversary of 9/11?) 

For the past 20 years (and decades prior) Taliban fighters were able to hide out in the mountains, smaller town and in Pakistan and continue to fight a guerilla war against opponents within their country (once it was the Soviets – see Charlie Wilson’s War movie). For the last decade, politicians, think tanks, intelligence advisors and our military generals have opined on the best exit strategy as ALL knew America’s patience and support in sending blood and treasure off to the Middle East and Afghanistan had disappeared … even among those who are most “hawkish.” Former President Trump was often criticized in his goal to leave the country and in particular in negotiating with the Taliban (seen as terrorists or at least providing assistance and protection). Most assumed that if he would have had a second term, we would have continued to leave the country … but with conditions (those negotiated by the Trump administration with the Taliban). One can argue the result would have eventually been the same once we left, but most clear thinkers can see that leaving without conditions as Biden is doing has created a far more dangerous situation. I can’t imagine living in a Taliban controlled country if you assisted or befriended the American … or for that matter if you are a girl or woman.


Personally, I wasn’t a fan of rapidly leaving without keeping a secure Air Force base in country. To me, it can be protected at minimal loss (although high cost) and would be able to assist our special forces who will no doubt be called on continually as terror training cells and hot spot pop up. If you don’t see that, you are naïve. I doubt we could have prevented the eventual takeover of the country by the Taliban, but without any presence there, it is almost a guarantee that radical Islamic groups will begin growing, training and LastHelicopterLeavesSaigon1975plotting attacks from Afghanistan once again.

As the helicopters ferrying desperate people from Saigon in 1975 are burned into our minds (photo left), so to will the images of a Chinook hauling people from our embassy in Kabul (above) or the people clinging and falling from our Air Force planes that are attempting to airlift thousands of Americans and Afghan translators and families from the airport. It sickens me as do the continuing blunders from President Biden, VP Harris and his administration on everything from leaving Afghanistan .. to increased crime in our cities (soft-on-crime policies), illegals flooding across our southern border, COVID19 mix messaging, war on energy and higher taxes along with his Green New Deal climate policies and continued “rely on government” handout programs of all kinds. What a mess.


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