Lunch with Jeff, the economy, inflation and more nukes in China

Posted By on October 1, 2021


What once was a weekly or at least bi-monthly lunch with my friend Jeff, has shifted to once every 3 months or so since COVID19. It’s not all due to the pandemic as changes in work habits and eating out habits has contributed to neglecting getting together. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable to spend an hour catching up and talking this week at one of our many Mexican Restaurant options.

Years ago when we first started our lunches together (late 1990s) … the “chips and salsa” lunch options were few and far between. Chili’s was our stand by option since it was a favorite of his when he lived in Orlando and a favorite of our family after church each Sunday. We shifted to a local Sharonville Mexican restaurant when he moved to Cincinnati and then spread to others locations as they multiplied (as we did .. cough, couch .. probably a correlation). We still enjoy the occasional lunches, but no longer find it an affordable lunch option. The once “cheap sit-down lunch” that became an under $20 for two lunch is not ringing in at over $30. It is shocking to see the lunch menu that once read 3.95, $4.95 and $5.95 (depending) now reading $10.95 – $12.95. Besides the currently 40-45%+ rise in energy prices this year, the price of food and service is also a big indicator to me that INFLATION is with us and not beingChina_Hami-silos offset by productivity gains or wage gains to offset these kinds of increases.

As if the economy wasn’t concerning enough, Jeff shared a link from the growing threat coming from China. Jeff, being in cybersecurity, pays attention to where the most online threats are coming from (China and Russia) … but also is paying attention to China when it comes to their aggressive expansion and growing military. An area that is particularly concerning is their Nuclear silo construction. They have been a nuclear power for years, but are now accelerating development of 120 silos near Yumen in Gansu province. Are we facing another Cold War?


The Hami missile silo field is in a much earlier stage of development than the Yumen site. Construction began at the start of March 2021 in the southeastern corner of the complex and continues at a rapid pace. Since then, dome shelters have been erected over at least 14 silos and soil cleared in preparation for construction of another 19 silos. The grid-like outline of the entire complex indicates that it may eventually include approximately 110 silos. link


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