Archive: The folding Dollhouse Christmas project for Ellerie

Posted By on January 6, 2022


The scratch-built & designed (from a photo Katelyn sent) folding-case wooden Dollhouse for Ellerie was a success for Christmas this year. I was pretty sure Katelyn would like this sort-of heirloom toy, but I was unsure if a little granddaughter used to blinking gadgets and modern plastic toys would take to it, but she enjoyed it. That said, Annalyn’s BIG Barbie house was a definite distraction. If this woodworking project lasts … it is a toy BTW (??) … I hope it will be something that she will be able to share with her children someday.


This post will archive a few of the photos that I took while building it.



EllerieDollhouseProject02_211216_mEllerieDollhouseProjectCloseupSquare211222 EllerieDollhouseProject04_211216_mEllerieDollhouseProject03_211216_m


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