Cleaned and shuffled workshop lumber storage last weekend #TBT

Posted By on March 21, 2024

Grandpa Bluhm made me my first workbench in 1966

Oostra Lumber in rack storageI started reorganizing the south wall of my basement workshop on Sunday afternoon, first, so that I could store a bit more lumber on my storage rack (the extra Oosta lumber!) … and second, so that I could clean up my old children’s workbench for my granddaughters to use when they come this summer. 

After going through the junk stacked on it, I removed the back, cleaned some of the dust and dirt … then noticed writing behind the broken florescent light. My Grandpa Bluhm’s signed it with paint and added the date that he made if for me (he always printing everything in all CAPs … including letters from Florida to my mom). Tihs workbench was a gift he gave to me for Christmas in 1966 and therefore will be a Throwback Thursday #TBT post.  I have very fond memories of my namesake grandfather and often wish that he would have lived longer — he died only 3 years after making this for me in 1969. ☹️  

On a side note, Katelyn and Drew have quite a bit more lumber saved in their garage. I’m not sure how much they will use for their own projects, or how much I will be able to haul back … or where I’m going to store it (maybe garage?), but I definitely would like a bit more of the 3/4” oak — hint, hint Katelyn. 


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