If laughter is good medicine, we are pretty drugged up :-)

| January 27, 2018

Brenda and I had a great time visiting with Katelyn, Drew and Annalyn this past week as they invited us up to see the comedian/ ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. We have all been to his show before and I believe this was Katelyn’s 3rd time? Our previous was years ago in a much smaller venue, acomedy […]

The Tale of Two Puppets

| April 23, 2015

Just filling space today … but I thought the resemblance between Jeff Durham‘s “dummy” Walter and President Obama‘s Joe Biden was amazing. (it made me chuckle, no offense intended)

Comedian/Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and helicopters

| August 31, 2012

Do you ever say to yourself, “why didn’t I know this before now?” Well that what I though when a friend of mine ask if I’ve seen Jeff Dunham videos about him building and flying helicopters. “Helicopters?“(old posts 1 & 2) Come to find out, he has built four of them and has been flying […]

We enjoyed the show … Jeff Dunham

| July 27, 2007

Five of us went to the Jeff Dunham comedy show last night and it was terrific. I highly recommend it if you enjoy laughing. The place was packed which surprised me for a Thursday night in Newport Kentucky — the Funnybone on the levee. Jeff Dunham, Achmed the Suicide Bomber, Peanut, the Jose Jalapeňo (’on […]

Jeff Dunham and his friends are in Cincinnati

| July 20, 2007

I purchased four tickets last night to the Cincinnati Funnybone comedy club to see my favorite ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham. Dunham and his cast of puppets are in town attending a puppeteer convention this week and will be performing next week and weekend in Newport, Kentucky (just over the Ohio River). For those never seeing Mr. […]

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