2005.5 Jetta V Trunk with CinciTDI.com

Posted By on April 29, 2005

Since my digital Canon S50 comes with a limited ‘video’ mode I thought I would try it out and include a short video clip without audio below.

What is noticable is that the trunk opens slowly when one triggers the trunk release and that the capacity is huge. Over 16 cu. ft. which is larger than the mid-sized Passat sedan! A couple of other impressive features are the removeable side panel inside the trunk that allow for wide items such as a golf bag. 🙂

On the down side … my usual under the rear cover storage space is gone, but there is still the full size spare tire.

Video Demonstration of the Truck Release

Video of Charles Buyers replacing VW Key FOB Battery


  • (yeah, I just found your blog, and I’m delving into the old entries)

    If/when I get an A2, I’ll have a bigger trunk 😛 (yeah, I’m looking for an A1 or A2 diesel, preferably an A2 Jetta…)

    17 cu ft, versus 16 for the A5 😛

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