Winter 08/09 surfing: Volcum House – north shore Oahu

Posted By on February 28, 2009

Volcum House Show

For those who enjoy surfing I’m embedding a couple enjoyable clips from the Volcum House Show on O’ahu, Hawaii. The first clip has some great surfing footage and tour of a three story home overlooking the big winter waves to the west of Hale’iwa (Sunset Beach & Waimia Bay) and to the east of Kaena Point — western most tip of O’ahu’s famous north shore. (Kaena  Point is the un-verified location of the biggest faced waves … 60-80 feet!).

sunset beach looking westSunset Beach looking west toward Kaena Point, O’ahu

The second clip is an interview on Volcom‘s StoneYourTV with long time surfer local ‘fuggly dude’ Dave Wassel (watch the latest show with him hunting wild pig) and it offers a glimpse of the surfing life … as well as someone who lives and works in O’ahu as a lifeguard and home caretaker.


  • Layla Collins

    Surfing is one of my favorite sports even though i got a bad accident last year because of very high surfs.

  • Rebecca Murphy

    Surfing is really the best sport out there, i love the adrenaline rush when surfing on big waves.

  • i broke my arm on a freak surfing accident but hey, surfing is a nice sport

  • I too love surfing. I found out about it when I moved to Hawaii a while back. It’s not something you can just give up. After the first time you actually get up on your board and ride a wave, you’ll always be searching for that exact feeling and you’ll never give up.

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