Talked with WealthNation for a new pilot podcast

Posted By on March 1, 2009

Cali LewisI had a Skype conversation with Cali Lewis (aka: Geekbeat.TV) and her business experts on Saturday for a pilot for a new podcast called WealthNation, I think?  She invited me to ask a couple business questions pertaining to liability protection utilizing a corporation or LLC and a follow up on product patent protection. Unfortunately I’m not sure I’m any farther ahead in the new ( venture, but they gave me another opinion.

prep4sunI’m still somewhat uncomfortable with the expense and risk:

  1. ability to market the product successfully
  2. liability protection both product and patent
  3. negotiating product manufacturing and distribution.

I’ll be sure to update when the new WealthNation podcast is introduced, but for now here is the CaliLive.TV pre-broadcast.


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