Volkswagen Jetta TDIs make great NYC Taxicabs

Posted By on March 31, 2009

NYC Taxi - a VW Jetta TDI

Volkswagen Jetta TDI fans will enjoy seeing their long lasting and economical diesel being used in NYC as a taxicab. In the newer body style, rear seats have a couple more inches, so really the A5 Jetta makes perfect sense as a taxi. If you’ve ever looked at the  trunk (boot), you’d know that luggage loading capacity is not a problem. Besides, I think think the VW Jetta looks great in yellow!

Thanks, Twitter user @blaksquirrel for posting the photo to Twitpic!


  • John William Fryer

    Just too cool. I want one of these in my city!

  • Rich Herman

    I’ve been tempted to look at the Jetta for my other car, but it looks too small for a U.S. Taxi. Give me a minivan or a big Crown Victoria. 🙂

  • Well the Jetta (even the new model) isn’t going to be as roomy as a full size car, but the back seat is at least usable … it wasn’t in the A4 and earlier models. I think it would make a good taxi for 1 or 2 normal size to small passengers.

  • Oh thats something like city looking rich with VW jetta cabs. No comments about that but surely got to tell about Jetta, it is more fuel efficient and smooth drive car.

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