March Madness: Save on fuel Tuesday night (3/31/2009)

Posted By on March 31, 2009

journey thorntons ani graphicIf you are near West Chester, Ohio in eastern Butler county Tuesday night, consider filling up your car while saying hello to volunteers from a church called Journey. (they meet at the Lakota East High School in Liberty Township on Sundays) According to Youth Minister, Luke Dooley (@yeloodekul), members will be staffing a couple pumps at the Thorntons gas station at the corner of Tylersville Road and Kingsgate  (7301 Kingsgate Way) from 5 to 7 PM as part of their third annual “March Madness” campaign. They will be washing windshieds and topping off washer fluid as well as offering discounted fuel by 50 cents per gallon at those pumps staffed by  Journey members (For my VW TDI friends, I don’t know about diesel fuel?). Nevertheless, stop in tonight and thanks them for their outreach.


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