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Posted By on March 30, 2009

Foxnation page

FoxNews kicked off a new interactive site call on March 30th in order to “leverage its brand online, especially among conservative true believers,” and by broadening the reach of “high-decibel” stars such as Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck to an online audience. After a quick review and watching the 1000s of comments flood in, I can’t imagine anyone actually bothering to read much of what people are saying, but it does offer a place for conservative to vent.

As far as usablity, it’s bad enough sifting through page after page of reader comments on normal comment based ‘news’ only sites, but The Fox Nation is like reading a ‘long winded’ Twitter stream without any filtering.  If this site, which is now called a Beta, is going to be useful rather than a place for just venting political frustration, then users are going to need a method to sift through the pile of comments an interact believing what they are saying is heard. Leaving a comment the way it is now is like trying to communicate at a rock concert.


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