What would you drive if your yearly income neared 1 million?

Posted By on August 8, 2012

Let’s say you are a 1%er … and live in a swanky downtown Chicago abode … what would you be driving? A VW Jetta perhaps??? Unlike other wealthy areas in the U.S., these mid-west dwellers seem to drive modest cars … on the other hand, the Toyota Prius does ok with the California rich and famous crowd – LINK.



  • TraderRick

    Probably a skewed stat since the many in the lower income range probably inch the income down and purchase the lower end cars. One fact that I was surprised to see was that the Honda CR-V is “market value” priced higher than the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    • You could be correct Rick … but reading the other cities has me thinking the researchers would be trying to compare apples to apples? I was just impressed to see the VW Jetta on 2 of the lists … and at the top of the Chicago list.

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