We will stay married to Sprint for a couple more years

Posted By on August 9, 2012

We were (well “I” was) planning to let our Sprint wireless contract expire without signing up for another 2 year contract, samsunggalaxys2epic120808but my son’s dead Blackberry encouraged a quick look around. While contemplating   what was available, we decided to stick it out and decided on the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic. We were not satisfied with replacing just one phone and instead we did the “buy one, get one free” promo (one for Taylor in black and one for Brenda in white). Of course our grandfathered plan was no longer honored as these new data intensive smartphones required an extra $10/mo PER LINE fee as well at the optional $8.00/mo insurance (on top of the $36/line activation fees). So the getting two phones for the $99.99 deal is really going to end up costing an additional $744+ tax over the two years.

A Good deal … probably not, but then my cursory look at buying all new phones from a different carrier and transferring numbers wouldn’t have saved anything anyway … and created an even bigger headache.  (BTW, I’m still using the original Palm Pre, but am a bit jealous now that the rest of my family all have newer Android phones)

Taylor playing with his new Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic phone at McDonalds


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