Free grill needing a little TLC. Good thing I can haul and weld!

Posted By on November 15, 2016

My good friend and old college buddy lives in an apartment which as been visited by the fire department — they tagged his door regarding the grill on his patio. Bad for him, good for me. All I had to do was go pick it up … glad I put the hitch on the BMW X5 35d! (Thanks Jeff)


His commercial quality grill was a bit more “used” than I had thought when he gave me first dibs knowing our ancient grill is barely working. The burners of his cosmetic yet commercial grade stainless steel grill needs some TLC. The four burners are beyond cleaning as are most of the guts in a older grill. They can be replaced and since I’ll be converting it from propane to natural gas, that is no big deal. Of bigger concern is the inside rust through in a couple spots. Of course it was free- “beggars can’t be choosers (a John Heywood 1546 epigram).  I gutted and cleaned it with degreaser and a steel brush to knock off the surface rust and the next step is to order new burners, deoxit the rust and paint. I’m pretty sure I can get a few more years out of it, although not sure about welding in a Grill161114 little bit of new metal???Grillsides161114


  • I’ve got this same grill, had for 6 years if I remember correctly. There is a natural gas kit for this model. I think it replaces most of the innards.

    • Thanks Tim. I “think” (dangerous for me) that all the NG kit does is remove the orifices in each valve and plumbs in a line. A special tool might be needed to remove the orifice, but I’m going to look at it a little closer. I may be able to just move the natural gas hose and fitting from my old grill on to this one and save a few more bucks??? Worth a try.

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