New Hybrids and Diesels coming

Posted By on May 31, 2005

AUTOMOTIVE NEWS – Posted Date: 5/31/05
Volkswagen AG may introduce a hybrid-powered Jetta in the United States in two years according to a VW spokesman. They confirmed that VW is considering a so-called mild hybrid vehicle similar to the Honda Civic Hybrid.

VW did not forecast sales volumes or discuss the costs. The company said it has not decided which supplier would provide the technology.

Audi A6 Diesel

Audi on the other hand is planning to introduce their diesels to the US on an A6 platform in the 2008 Model Year with the 3.0TDI. They are currently undergoung US federalization while both BMW and Honda have previously announced their plans for US diesel cars.

Honda and BMW Diesels

Of course these are not the only announcements that have been made, both GM and Ford have diesel vehicles and the Pontiac G6 could be the first to show up with diesel power here in America.

Pontiac G6 and Toyota Highlander

Toyota on the other hand is considering tying their leading hybrid technology to a diesel as well with one of the most likely platforms being the Highlander.

The 2007 and 2008 model years might prove to be exciting years for those wanting a few more choices in clean diesels power.


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