Suspect ALL are glad presidential elections are 4-years apart?

Posted By on October 24, 2020

Contentious … doesn’t begin to explain the sentiment around the looming November 3rd 2020 election. Although I don’t mind discussions and debate on political thought and philosophy, this year the emotions and fervor I see and experience between a lot of Republicans and Democrats make open exchange and discussions nearly impossible. Emotions BidenChinaDealhave reached uncomfortable levels, even between friends and family.

Many in my circles have either gone silent (those who prefer not to fight) or are pushing back with louder than usual voices. Social media hasn’t help bring rational debate and what appears to most,a one-sided coverage by media, the openness that may have been intended? This has angered those expecting fair reporting and at least providing information so voters have the information they need to make decisions aligned with their political leanings.

To highlight this, recent suppression of a story or even sharing it by Twitter (last NYPost tweet permitted was 10/14) against certain stories regarding Joe Biden and his overseas involvement or non-involvement in his son’s and brother’s shady family business deals, has been shocking to most on the right who at least expect coverage.  We should all want a free flow of information, investigation and a “press” who looks  into these smelly corrupt dealings. Better answers are needed.

I’ll save a few more of my thoughts for next week .. but for now, a memory from my childhood (Jonny Quest) and a little election humor to lighten the day.



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