Racking my brain to remember names from elementary school

Posted By on October 25, 2017

My daughter Katelyn and I exchanged a few messages over the past couple of days that had me reminiscing and trying to remember names of a few kids when I was in grade school. It started visiting in Perrysburg last week watching Annalyn when Katelyn mentioned that a co-worker of hers and father went to my grade school and also may have lived close to our house on Lake Erie.


This morphed into "do you know … so-in-so, etc," so while racking my brain in trying to remember the last names of classmates and neighbors, I ended up glancing at the last few existing photo on Google Streetview of our old house (above)which has since been torn down. Interestingly the old tax records archived on the county site had a few more OLDER photos below and the old "microfilm" tax parcel record had my dad listed as Donald rather than Ronald (above) It was also interesting seenig the previous owners Hazel and Clyde Venrick and reminded me of the old scale from the Venrick pharmacy that I currently have in our pool house! I guess I’m getting old when amusement comes from GOOD old memories?


Part of the conversation also had to do with where exactly where we lived compared to the family property that Katelyn knows …

My text with this Google map:

That La Fontaine Drive was a vacant lot when we were there. We built our forts on the back side of the dike that was on the “CRICK” (creek) behind that La Fountaine property (our house was over the “crick” and dike on Lagoon Drive).



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