Big Sharks — Oh my, what big teeth you have!

Posted By on October 26, 2012


Since the Little Red Riding Hood classic has been modified a few times through history, my “what big teeth you have” alteration of the tale is hardly a stretch for those near the water rather than a wolf in the woods for living on boats or an island.

shark_samcahir2 shark_samcahir1

These impressive photos are from Australian Sam Cahir while taking part in a Great White Shark tagging trip off the Neptune Islands, South Australia. According to the DiveSite, Cahir stated that the experience was a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” He said, “I feel humbled to have witnessed such a display of nature’s quirkiness” as he watch a Great White and Mako shark feeding on bits of tuna. Personally I think he is lucky to be alive.



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