2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 video reviews

Posted By on October 28, 2007

VW Race Touareg2The Volkswagen Touareg has been impressive ever since its introduction back in 2003. It is a technology oriented 4×4 SUV that has developed an impressive pedigree over the last 4 years with races in Dakar, Baja, Pikes Peak and the unmanned DARPA competition. (race version of the Touareg2 to the right) The Touareg isn’t just about performance as it is also an attractive and comfortable SUV; it is just as impressive in everyday driving and offers an array of creature comforts that are easy on the body; from the exterior it is also pleasing to eyes in my opinion. But that is where is stops for many of us as the new 2008 VW Touareg2 is still without a third row seat or from what I’ve seen to date … a U.S. V-6 diesel. (see March 8, 2007 post) Price and economy has been another sour note for many of us; for example the current V-10 diesel TDI version lists for nearly $70,000.

The video above is from the long running PBS automotive program Motorweek and reviews the redesigned 2008 model. Below are two videos by a Volkswagen of America’s General Manager of Product Management detailing many of the features of the Touareg2.


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