Music Monday: Fox Business on TV, Disco and the Bee Gees

Posted By on October 24, 2022

OfficeTV_BeeGees221021Music Monday triggers can come from anywhere. Today’s was from segment music on a morning Fox Business program and triggered a“disco” flavored song from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in 1977.


  “More Than a Woman” was a Bee Gees song and was paired with a serene Minnesota early morning lake photo (new TV on office wall).  This late 1970s music memory were enough to capture my attention … even if I wasn’t a disco music listener … although I did own a m”odest” leisure suit in high school.

Since including this song from YouTube (concert in 1997), I’ll also attach this “The Very, Very Beginning of the Bee Gees” article by Juliet Bennett Rylah (and outdated post, but still an interesting read).


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