EAA284 and RotoFan VTOL Jet

Posted By on July 11, 2005

EAA Chapter 284 had another great meeting on Sunday afternoon. The weather was warm and atomsphere at Red Stewart field enjoyable. As always, I enjoy the feeling of stepping back in time surrounded by flying antique aircraft and the the rustic grass field (40I) that many taildraggers call home. Long live Red Stewart Field. 🙂


Taylor, Jim and Bob

After our cookout of burger, brats and a variety of side items we enjoyed an informative talk and question/answer conversation with Frank Black on ‘rotorcrafts. He explained the many advantages of his unique designs and was pretty convincing that the ‘rotorfan’ jet aircraft will eventually be used in place of traditional blades found on helicopters, etc in improving vertical flight. The model Modus Verticraft was shown (see photo) to demostrate the Jet Limousine possiblity of this design. The high lift rotorfan concept allows the blades to be retracted for horizonal high speed flight and extended slightly for low speed vertical flight and manuvering. Theoretically the Verticraft could exceed all helicopter designs todate and cruise in excess of 600 knots at altitudes up to 35,000 ft. For those of us in attendance, it was a real treat as the concept is something seriously in our future.

Motus Verticraft

Our thanks to Frank for giving us a great survey from his many years of study into ‘better’ rotorcrafts. His building, flying experience and research was quite impressive, in fact impressive enough for him to have received a couple patents and the ear of the United States military.

He is a longtime member of the Cincinnati Rotorcraft club that meets east of the city and has had membership struggles just like most aviation clubs. New, ambious ‘younger’ members are not always easy to find … don’t we know it.

Frank Black from Modus Verticraft

Before leaving the airfield, we also had the chance to take a look at a recently aquired Pitts project down a couple doors from our chapter hanger. It was a great find on ‘Trade-a-Plane” and looks to be in excellent shape. From what we could tell, the workmanship was excellent.

Pitts Special

Pitts wing

I did have an opportunity to take a few photos of Pat Letarte as he fly home; I forwarded the full sized photos to him, but will include a couple here since flying always tops off a chapter meeting. Great meeting, great food, great people.

Pat Letarte

Pat Takeoff 1

Pat Takeoff 2

Pat Heading home

Pat Heading Home 2


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