iTunes Rokr Cell Phone

Posted By on August 30, 2005

apple.jpgApple Computer Inc. and Motorola Inc. will be announcing the long awaited iTunes cell phone called the “Rokr” next week. Analyst expect that the news will officially be released on September 7th in a joint news conference that will include representatives from Apple, Cingular and Motorola. The past year has seen many rumors and delays in the release, but should prove to be one of the most popular electronic devices announced this year.

The new phone will be equipped with software that would allow it to play songs purchased at Apple’s iTunes Web site, according to reports. Wall Street expects this device to surpass all other music playing phones within a month. It will be an excellent product for all three companies and should put all three at the top of the hill when it comes to marketing technology.

My inquiries to Apple, Cingular and Motorola are replied to with “no comment.”


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