Time to fear Katrina

Posted By on August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I wanted to make a quick post to my blog this Sunday evening as the people of the Gulf Coast prepare for the wind and storm surge of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans in the focal point but this giant storm is a definitely a ‘wide’ killer. I’m not sure how many of you have run the correlation between pressure readings and windspeed, but with Katrina’s reading at of 904mb, similar storms have shown winds over 185mph. Deadly. If you had to pick the worst of the worst situation, this is it. The 3rd stongest storm we’ve measured in the US and is directly targetting the worst possible city, New Orleans. (a populated historic city below sea level) I’m not sure what can stand to that kind of wind or flooding anticipated when Katrina rips into the coast. Our prayers are with the people holded up in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

On a nation impact level, this could be the trigger that pushes our country into a recession. I’ll include a quote from a petroleum connected friend below. (thanks Blair)

The following Refiners have shut down in preparation for Katrina. After the name I have the BBLS they produce in one day. Some of these refiners will start back up and will only go down as a precaution. The loss of one will be bad for our situation. My guess is that we lose the Chevron Plant for 6 months and one or two others for 4 weeks. This will be the biggest shut down/ loss of production in history. You might as well fill up the tank on the way home tonight. This shut down will be felt for a while and it should be wide spread.

Motiva 235mb ( thousands of bbls per day)
Norco 225mb
Marathon 245mb
Valero 260mb
Murphy 120mb
Exxon 183mb
Connoco 255mb
Chevron 325
Exxon (Baton R.) ( can’t remember the amount they do per day but it’s


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