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Posted By on October 12, 2005

Amy GrantA returning marine, Nathan Adey, from the 3/25 Marines Weapons Company had a big surprise last night while attending an Amy Grant concert at the Akron-Canton MAPS Air Museum. Adey thought he was attending a concert to acknowledge his unit’s return from Iraq. (the Marines Weapons Company was hard hit with losses while deployed in Iraq) Unknown to him, Nathan Adey’s finance Alicia Dubravetz had planned, with the help of Amy Grant and the NBC reality TV show Three Wishes, a wedding with many of their friends in attendance. Even to the last minute Marine Cpl. Adey thought the concert and festivities was for his unit and even when he was brought to the stage thought they might just be asking questions about their tour of duty. It wasn’t until the crowd parted and his bride to be walked down the stage set up at the MAPS Museum where there was a chaplain waiting for them to exchange vows. The bride, Dubravetz explained, “I wanted this night for you.”

The couple had made an attempt prior to Nathan’s units deployment to get married in Las Vegas, but unfortunately the paperwork was not in order. This time everything all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed so that the wedding could proceed with the right kind of hitch. Amy Grant, musician and star of the TV program, performed a two hour concert for the couple hundred guest including many Marines from the 3/25 Marines Detachment. The icing on the wedding cake was that the reality tv show sent the couple to Hawaii for there honeymoon.

For a more complete article, check with the Akron Beacon Journal . I’ve never been a fan of reality tv, but I enjoyed seeing the happiness that NBC was able to bring to this deserving couple. NBC plans to air the episode sometime in November.


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