WWII body sent to Hawaii for ID

Posted By on October 25, 2005

MIAInteresting story: A body believed to be that of a World War II airman, found frozen in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California was found by recreational climbers. The spotted a body with an Army uniform still attached to a world war two parachute. On Monday the body was sent to Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii for identification.

The body was discovered earlier this month mostly encased in a glacier in Kings Canyon National Park. It had been thawing since last week at the coroner’s office in Fresno County and then moved to Travis Air Force Base before being sent to the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command in Hawaii. Many believe this identification could solve the disappearance of a navigational training plane that left a Sacramento airfield in November 1942 carrying a crew of four on a routine flight.

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