Hurricane Wilma hits Florida

Posted By on October 24, 2005

Wilma come ashore
Hurricanes have not let up for 2005 as we prepare for another hit here in the US. This time it is Wilma who has already left dead in other areas. Wilma hovered over the Yucatan penninsula for the longest time until she accellerated as a Catagory 3 hurricane last night. Monday morning as I post this entry, Wilma is moving at 23 mph and rolling ashore with damaging winds and heavy rain. As the TV reporting is coming in, the folks on the east coast look to receive the heavy rain and damaging winds.

Marco Island, an affluent communty with beautiful homes and condos, looks to have received the eye of Wilma. I would expect to see quite a lot of property damage and hopefully no loss of life. Most of the southwestern Floridians wisely moved inland and hopefully found safe shelters.

My family is primarily concerned for the area on the east coast as our area might been next of Wilma’s hit list. According to the storm track we are on target for this strong storm to trigger tornados and inches of rain. Perhaps the storm surge is not as dangerous on the east coast but expect that with Wilma’s speed that the winds will still be hurricane strenghten and above. We are crossing our fingers.

Wilma Delray Beach


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