The Ultimate Diesel Pickup Truck

Posted By on December 6, 2005

Motorweek ScreenshotThere was an interesting segment on Motorweek for those considering ‘big’ diesel pickups. The International CXT may just be the”Ultimate” in working (or show off) pickups. This bad boy boasts a turbo charged 6 cylinder International diesel with 320 HP and a whopping 860 pound feet of torque. I’m not sure if anybody wants to fill the 73 gallon tank, but considering you could drive it on biodiesel, you might opt for making your own fuel? (see “Biodiesel and Trucks!“) For those of you feeling emasculated by soccer moms driving Hummers or neighbors looking down on you from their Dodge, Ford or Chevy 4 x 4 pickup … this would make them all look like they are driving Tonka toys.

If you are still with this Tim Taylor “GRUNTING” type post, I’ve included a segment from Motorweek that will help you visualize just how big is big. Most of us probably would be hard pressed to spend $120 to $135,000 on a pickup, but if you need to pull 40,000 pounds or haul around 12,000 pounds in style … this International will do it. It would be nice to know you could move your house or yatch the next time a hurricane heads your way? Personally, I think even the baby brother, the International’s RXT, is a tad large for my needs.


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