VW TDI Heater concerns?

Posted By on December 2, 2005

Jetta Toast Garage
Josh Hiebert of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada posted a couple of gruesome photos of his VW Jetta TDI about the time my friend Charles B. mentioned he had picked up a ‘heater’ for his VW TDI. He mention he had found a great deal on them and was looking to install. Weigh your decision carefully.

Jetta Toast Engine

On Wednesday night November 23 my jetta burned to the ground taking with it our garage and my roommates Grand Prix GTP. The cause of the fire was the block heater patch that VW puts on. It is an aftermarket patch called the Canadian Polar Patch. heres some pics…..grab some tissues….im sure other TDI drivers will get a little misty eyed.


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