“SpyTunes” or iTunes – your choice

Posted By on January 19, 2006

iPod NanoGood news on the home front for all those who use and love Apple iTunes … the newest update let’s you decide if you want to receive Apple’s MiniStore recommendations. The update that originally contained a spyware feature has just been tweaked to the applause of customers. Facing an angry bunch of users and bloggers, Apple has decided it will now preloaded iTunes with its spyware feature ‘off,’ and let users choose to opt-in.

A little background: Last week Apple issued a new version (6.02) of iTunes that included a “MiniStore.” This feature recommends songs or videos based on items in the users iTunes library. When you clicked on an item in your library, the “store” would display a list of similar selections that you might consider purchasing. This is not an unusual site for those familiar with visiting websites such as Amazon, but many believed their trusted Apple brand was way out of line putting the feature on iTunes.

The good news is that Apple decided to modify the original ‘no choice’ setting and give the user the option to use on not use the ‘recommendation’ feature. The update is built into the newest download … the 6.02.23 version of iTunes. According to my install, a disclosure automatically pops up and you can choose to opt-in if you want to be ‘spied’ on.
Mini Store
My hat’s off to Apple for doing the right thing.


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