Ethanol Facility Ground breaking

Posted By on February 15, 2006

Bloomingburg, Ohio Ethanol Plant Ground Breaking
(left to right) Tony Anderson, Fayette Co. Commissioner; John Carey, Senator; John Schlichter, State Rep; Steve Durham, ASAlliances; Fred Dailey, Director, ODA; Mike Wagner, Ohio Corn Growers; Dwayne Seikman, Ohio Corn Growers; Ruth Kimmelshue, Cargill Ag Horizons; David Williamson, ODOD

The Tri-State Clean Fuels Network announced the ground-breaking for Ohio’s 100-million gallon per year Ethanol Facility in its February 14, 2006 newsletter. This is good news for Ohio and those interested in cleaner, renewable, domestic fuels that will run in existing dual fuel vehicles. (for a listing check the Department of Energy website)

A crowd of over 100 gathered in Bloomingburg, Ohio to participate in the ceremonies marking the construction of a 100-million gallon-per-year ethanol production facility. The facility, financed by ASAlliances Biofuels, LLC, is expected to generate affordable renewable energy, create 58 jobs and provide a market for 40 million bushels of corn per year. The Bloominburg facility will help meet the country’s growing appetite for affordable, cleaner-burning, renewable energy sources. One bushel of corn produces 2.8 gallons of ethanol. For every 37 gallons of ethanol produced, one barrel of imported crude oil is saved. Domestic demand for ethanol is expected to grow well into the future. Ethanol’s production capacity is expected to double in seven years.


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