VW GTI commercials – Speedy Gonzales moons the cats

Posted By on March 21, 2006

Speedy GonzalezVolkswagen is one of those companies that seems to get a tad ‘edgy’ in it advertising campaigns. From the “Vee-Dub” and “German Engineering, ya-man” ads mentioned a couple weeks ago, to the latest Hispanic targeting ads featuring the cartoon mouse ‘Speedy Gonzalez.’ I posted a comment a week or so ago on the CinciTDI group list, but only today have I had an opportunity to see any actual commercials designed to target Hispanics with Volkswagen’s new GTI Golf. One of them, that I’ll include below, has our little Speedy Gonzalez mouse ‘mooning’ a bunch of cats. If that’s not bold enough, then check out the hub-bub some Spanish translation is having with the some VW GTI billboards in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. (they have removed the billboards due to complaints)

It seems, according to the Houston Chronicle that certain words didn’t translate from English to Spanish as VW advertising executives had planned. “The ad for the new GTI 2006 had a photo of the sports car accompanied by the words “Turbo-Cojones.” Cojones, which means testicles in Spanish, has become a casually used term for boldness or guts in English but has never lost its more vulgar connotations in its native language.”

For a little more detail, check out the posts on Carbuyersnotebook and Autoblog.


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