Sen. Lieberman announces his strategy

Posted By on July 3, 2006

Senator LiebermanSenator Joseph Lieberman dropped a bombshell today as he made a calculated move to ensure his name will be on the ballot either as a Democrat or and Independent this fall. Under Connecticut law, one can be put on the ballot if he has 7,500 signatures by August 9th — so just in case Lieberman loses the primary on August 8th, he will be prepared to run against his party’s nominee by doing just that. “I’m essentially taking out an insurance policy,” Lieberman told CNN. “I’m opening up an option that will guarantee me that I will be able to make my case to all the voters in Connecticut in November.”

Senator Lieberman has been at odds with many in the Democratic party by supporting President Bush in the “War on Terror.” He an a few other Democrats have supported both the war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq, something that has divided and brought anger from many Democrats. For Senator Joseph Lieberman it has also brought on challenger Ned Lamont, something he has not had since 1989. Mr. Lamont is a multi-millionaire who is running a notable anti-war campaign in hopes to defeat Lieberman in August primary.

Currently the polls show Lieberman is still maintaining a slight lead, but in a midterm primary who knows what a few million dollars could do oust Senator Lieberman? CNN had a good interview with Lieberman who detailed his reasoning for announcing the signature petition, but strongly maintains his allegiance to the Democratic party.

CNN commentary/interview with Sen. Lieberman


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