Have you forgotten our Veterans?

| November 12, 2006

Thanks you Veterans for all you have done … and continue to do to protect the United States of America and preserve our freedom. A single day of recognition hardly seems appropriate. By the way … thanks Dad(s). (B-26 Air Force WWII and US Army Korea) Have you Forgotten – Darryl Worley in MP3

Cincinnati’s Porkopolis Restaurant in Mt. Adams

| November 12, 2006

Most likely remembered by locals as Rookwood Pottery, the restaurant Porkopolis continues a 120 year history of enjoyable atmosphere just east of downtown Cincinnati. The heavily ‘pork’ based menu offers good food at a fair price … and our service from Brian our waiter was excellent. (for out of towners Mt. Adams is about 5 […]

Desultory - des-uhl-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee

  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.
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