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Posted By on January 17, 2007

Ed and RachelleI didn’t expect to enjoy watching the HGTV series “Living with Ed” as much as I have, but see it as a great way to present environmental living ideas to a broad audience. The storyline of the series is a ‘green-oriented’ husband (Ed Begley) and ‘lesser-green’ wife (Rachelle) dealing with each others lifestyle choices in of all places … Hollywood California. Both are accomplished actors on their own and each are casted as themselves having to mediate choices for their home and garden. Ed is constantly tweaking ‘his’ existing home which is slightly ‘less’ comfortable than a few other California homes that Rachelle ‘might’ prefer.

In show number three, Ed visited the ‘garage’ of car collector Jay Leno. It was quite a treat to see just a little bit of what Jay has in his garage … um, ‘warehouse.’ After talking for awhile about electric vehicles, Jay took Ed over to one of his latest eco-friendly projects: a biodiesel powered jet engine powered sports car. (see previous post) Check it out on Sunday nights at 10PM.

I’ll post a couple links below … until someone is offended … that can be ‘right click/saved as’ for those who want to view quicktime episodes of the programs after they have aired:

Episode 1 –
Episode 2 –
Episode 3 –
Episode 4 –
Episode 5 –
Episode 6 –


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