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Posted By on January 16, 2007

sealandA company at the forefront of the international copyright problems is looking to raise money to purchase a ‘seaplatform’ called Sealand and declare its independence. The former military platform is located 7 miles off the coast of England and it is already independent from Britain in a 1967 court ruling. Pirate Bay is looking to relocate to places less likely to enforce copyright laws and has a fundraising campaign underway in hopes to own its own sovern island … or ‘platform’ as the case may be. Pirate Bay is well known in Internet circles as the Swedish file-sharing website that enables peer-to-peer file distribution through torrents. Enforcement has been clamping down on these companies who ‘help’ individuals transfer ‘pirated’ movies, music and software.

Pirate Bay recently moved their servers to the Netherlands after being shut down by Swedish police. It has since returned to Sweden, but Swedish authorities are under pressure from the Motion Picture Association of America and similar groups, and the US government, to shut it down again.

How much Sealand would cost is unclear, but a Spanish firm has it estimated at almost $1 billion.


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