Mapquest helps locate alternative fuel stations

Posted By on March 20, 2007

6 cinci biodiesel stationsMapquest offers a fuel locating (and pricing) tool linked to their mapping site. Its easy to locate the kind of fuel you are looking for using pull down menus and plugging in locations. (ie. biodiesel) Although the maps are not as functional (IMHO) as those independent “mashups” using GoogleMaps they do offer the traditional maps that contain better overview city, highway and road indications.

The site also looks to be competing in the ‘watching fuel prices’ service by offering price updates … although they need to develop a consistent network of ‘watchers.’ Check it out if you are looking for station locations on your next trip or just around town. (add missing stations by clicking the ‘help’ link. I recently added the Lebanon, Ohio biodiesel location as well as my favorite Mt. Gilead I-71 exit 151 SunocoGooglemaps link.)
Stations around Cinci from Mapquest

Clean Fuels Ohio maintains a good up-to-date list of stations in Ohio … it a good source to check and uses a Yahoo map link at the top of the page. (Ohio’s getting a few dots!)

Yahoo ODOD map
Ohio Department of Development Map link


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